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RFC1700 - часть 126

11111111 11111111 255 Global DSAP [IEEE]

These numbers (and others) are assigned by the IEEE Standards Office.

The address is:

IEEE Registration Authority

c/o Iris Ringel

IEEE Standards Dept

445 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 1331

Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331

Phone +1 908 562 3813

Fax: +1 908 562 1571

The fee is $1000 and it takes 10 working days after receipt of the

request form and fee. They will not do anything via fax or phone.

At an ad hoc special session on "IEEE 802 Networks and ARP", held

during the TCP Vendors Workshop (August 1986), an approach to a

Reynolds & Postel [Page 166]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994

consistent way to send DoD-IP datagrams and other IP related protocols

(such as the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)) on 802 networks was

developed, using the SNAP extension (see [RFC1042]).


[RFC768] Postel, J., "User Datagram Protocol", STD 6, RFC 768,

USC/Information Sciences Institute, August 1980.

[RFC926] International Standards Organization, "Protocol for Providing

the Connectionless-Mode Network Services", RFC 926, ISO,

December 1984.

[RFC1042] Postel, J., and J. Reynolds, "A Standard for the

Transmission of IP Datagrams over IEEE 802 Networks", STD

43, RFC 1042, USC/Information Sciences Institute, February



[JBP] Jon Postel



URL = ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/ieee-802-numbers

Reynolds & Postel [Page 167]

RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers October 1994


Many of the networks of all classes are Ethernets (10Mb) or

Experimental Ethernets (3Mb). These systems use a message "type"

field in much the same way the ARPANET uses the "link" field.

If you need an Ether Type, contact:

Xerox Systems Institute

3400 Hillview Ave.

PO BOX 10034

Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: 415-813-7164

Contact: Fonda Lix Pallone

The following list of EtherTypes is contributed unverified information

from various sources.


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