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RFC1661 - часть 8

Initial or Starting states. The transition to the Link Establishment

phase will signal an Up event to the LCP automaton.

Implementation Note:

Typically, a link will return to this phase automatically after

the disconnection of a modem. In the case of a hard-wired link,

this phase may be extremely short -- merely long enough to detect

the presence of the device.

3.4. Link Establishment Phase

The Link Control Protocol (LCP) is used to establish the connection

through an exchange of Configure packets. This exchange is complete,

and the LCP Opened state entered, once a Configure-Ack packet

(described later) has been both sent and received.

All Configuration Options are assumed to be at default values unless

altered by the configuration exchange. See the chapter on LCP

Configuration Options for further discussion.

It is important to note that only Configuration Options which are

independent of particular network-layer protocols are configured by

LCP. Configuration of individual network-layer protocols is handled

by separate Network Control Protocols (NCPs) during the Network-Layer

Protocol phase.

Any non-LCP packets received during this phase MUST be silently


The receipt of the LCP Configure-Request causes a return to the Link

Establishment phase from the Network-Layer Protocol phase or

Authentication phase.

Simpson [Page 7]

RFC 1661 Point-to-Point Protocol July 1994

3.5. Authentication Phase

On some links it may be desirable to require a peer to authenticate

itself before allowing network-layer protocol packets to be


By default, authentication is not mandatory. If an implementation

desires that the peer authenticate with some specific authentication

protocol, then it MUST request the use of that authentication

protocol during Link Establishment phase.

Authentication SHOULD take place as soon as possible after link

establishment. However, link quality determination MAY occur

concurrently. An implementation MUST NOT allow the exchange of link

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