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RFC1661 - часть 43

Many people spent significant time helping to develop the Point-to-

Point Protocol. The complete list of people is too numerous to list,

but the following people deserve special thanks: Rick Adams, Ken

Adelman, Fred Baker, Mike Ballard, Craig Fox, Karl Fox, Phill Gross,

Kory Hamzeh, former WG chair Russ Hobby, David Kaufman, former WG

chair Steve Knowles, Mark Lewis, former WG chair Brian Lloyd, John

LoVerso, Bill Melohn, Mike Patton, former WG chair Drew Perkins, Greg

Satz, John Shriver, Vernon Schryver, and Asher Waldfogel.

Special thanks to Morning Star Technologies for providing computing

resources and network access support for writing this specification.

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RFC 1661 Point-to-Point Protocol July 1994

Chair's Address

The working group can be contacted via the current chair:

Fred Baker

Advanced Computer Communications

315 Bollay Drive

Santa Barbara, California 93117


Editor's Address

Questions about this memo can also be directed to:

William Allen Simpson


Computer Systems Consulting Services

1384 Fontaine

Madison Heights, Michigan 48071



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