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RFC1661 - часть 18

Configure-Reject packets are negative responses to a Configure-

Request packet. An out of sequence or otherwise invalid packet is

silently discarded.

Implementation Note:

Although the Configure-Nak and Configure-Reject cause the same

state transition in the automaton, these packets have

significantly different effects on the Configuration Options

sent in the resulting Configure-Request packet.

Receive-Terminate-Request (RTR)

This event occurs when a Terminate-Request packet is received.

The Terminate-Request packet indicates the desire of the peer to

Simpson [Page 19]

RFC 1661 Point-to-Point Protocol July 1994

close the connection.

Implementation Note:

This event is not identical to the Close event (see above), and

does not override the Open commands of the local network

administrator. The implementation MUST be prepared to receive

a new Configure-Request without network administrator


Receive-Terminate-Ack (RTA)

This event occurs when a Terminate-Ack packet is received from the

peer. The Terminate-Ack packet is usually a response to a

Terminate-Request packet. The Terminate-Ack packet may also

indicate that the peer is in Closed or Stopped states, and serves

to re-synchronize the link configuration.

Receive-Unknown-Code (RUC)

This event occurs when an un-interpretable packet is received from

the peer. A Code-Reject packet is sent in response.

Receive-Code-Reject, Receive-Protocol-Reject (RXJ+,RXJ-)

This event occurs when a Code-Reject or a Protocol-Reject packet

is received from the peer.

The RXJ+ event arises when the rejected value is acceptable, such

as a Code-Reject of an extended code, or a Protocol-Reject of a

NCP. These are within the scope of normal operation. The

implementation MUST stop sending the offending packet type.

The RXJ- event arises when the rejected value is catastrophic,

such as a Code-Reject of Configure-Request, or a Protocol-Reject

of LCP! This event communicates an unrecoverable error that

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