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RFC1065 - часть 3

one very significant way:that note focuses entirely on the use of

OSI-style network management. As such, it is not suitable for use in

the short-term for which a non-OSI protocol, the SNMP, has been

designated as the standard.

This memo attempts to achieve two goals: simplicity and

extensibility. Both are motivated by a common concern: although the

management of TCP/IP-based internets has been a topic of study for

some time, the authors do not feel that the depth and breadth of such

understanding is complete. More bluntly, we feel that previous

experiences, while giving the community insight, are hardly

conclusive. By fostering a simple SMI, the minimal number of

constraints are imposed on future potential approaches; further, by

fostering an extensible SMI, the maximal number of potential

approaches are available for experimentation.

It is believed that this memo and its two companions comply with the

guidelines set forth in RFC 1052, "IAB Recommendations for the

Rose & McCloghrie [Page 2]

RFC 1065 SMI August 1988

Development of Internet Network Management Standards" [5]. In

particular, we feel that this memo, along with the memo describing

the initial management information base, provide a solid basis for

network management of the Internet.

Rose & McCloghrie [Page 3]

RFC 1065 SMI August 1988

3. Structure and Identification of Management Information

Managed objects are accessed via a virtual information store, termed

the Management Information Base or MIB. Objects in the MIB are

defined using Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) [1].

Each type of object (termed an object type) has a name, a syntax, and

an encoding. The name is represented uniquely as an OBJECT

IDENTIFIER. An OBJECT IDENTIFIER is an administratively assigned

name. The administrative policies used for assigning names are

discussed later in this memo.

The syntax for an object type defines the abstract data structure

corresponding to that object type.

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